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Springs Preserve Ohana Festival

Ohana FestivalThe Springs Preserve will celebrate the music, food and culture of Hawaii and Polynesia at the inaugural Ohana Festival, Saturday, May 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Highlighting the importance of ohana (family) in Pacific Island cultures, the event will feature performances by local hula halau, crafts and games for the kids, and plenty of great food.The festivities will culminate with a concert by the multi-faceted Kalama Brothers.

Visit springspreserve.org for additional information.

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Red Rock Canyon

redrockcanyonRed Rock Canyon, just 15 miles west of Las Vegas, presents awe-inspiring views most wouldn’t expect to see near a major metropolitan city. In contrast to the bright lights and hype of the Strip, Red Rock offers desert beauty, towering red cliffs and abundant wildlife. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area receives 1.2 million visitors a year.

The mountains in the Red Rock area were formed by a number of geological forces including fractured faults where the earth’s crust collided over millions of years and fossilized sand dunes. Some cliffs reach up an astounding 3,000 feet. One of the more scenic parts of Red Rock Canyon is the Keystone Thrust Fault. Here, millions of years ago, two of the earth’s plates collided with such force that part of one plate was shoved up and over the other. This created a magnificent contrast between grey limestone and red sandstone. This amazing conservation area is also home to about 200 different mammals which include burros, rabbits, coyotes, bighorn sheep, red tailed hawks, golden eagles, hummingbirds and even a few wild horses, bobcats and mountain lions. The 13-mile scenic loop drive exposes visitors to the geological history and splendor of the canyon. There are chances for photo opportunities at various locations including Calico Hills’ colorful sandstone, limestone Indian roasting pits, Indian “handprints” and pictographs at Willow Springs.

For more details, visit: redrockcanyonlv.org

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Magical Forest at Opportunity Village


From bright lights to finely-decorated trees, The Magical Forest at Opportunity Village truly embodies the enchanting spirit of the holidays. Celebrating its 21st holiday season, visitors can experience all the lights (more than three million to be exact), hundreds of festive trees, gingerbread house displays, Santa visits and nightly entertainment in this three-acre, fun-filled attraction.

Take a leisurely stroll through the Magical Forest.  Wonder and amazement await you with every turn.  Enjoy a ride on the passenger train.  The Forest Express winds its way through the two acre forest giving visitors another angle to view the many trees and displays.  The enchanted carousel will delight riders and spectators alike — featuring beautiful animals, lights and traditional carousel music.  Feeling hungry? Enjoy a meal at the Gift Box Cafe with funnel cakes, hot dogs, burgers, or pizza!  Nightly entertainment and the gift cabin (for great gifts for family) will round out the evening! All proceeds raised at the Magical Forest will benefit people with learning disabilities at Opportunity Village. Since 1954, Opportunity Village serves men and women in the community, providing them with programs and services to help enrich their lives. For additonal details, visit opportunityvillage.org

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Ethel M Chocolates Begins 19th Annual Holiday Cactus Garden


Henderson chocolatier, Ethel M Chocolates, will once again light up the night Nov. 14 – Jan. 1 with the 19th Annual Holiday Cactus Garden. The much-anticipated seasonal attraction will feature more than 600,000 sparkling lights decoratively displayed throughout a sprawling 3-acre Botanical Cactus Garden.

In addition to twinkling lights as far as the eye can see, the holiday hot spot boasts live entertainment (Fri. – Sat.), photos with Santa (Fri. – Sun.) and other festive décor. Making a comeback, visitors can look forward to a display of “meteor lights” that when seen through 3D glasses look like falling snow flakes (glasses are sold for $3 in retail shop). The winter wonderland will illuminate nightly from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

The glistening garden sits adjacent to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory where guests are welcome to take a self-guided tour and see their favorite Ethel M products being made. As a final sweet stop, guests may sample Ethel M favorites at the tour’s conclusion. The tour aisle and retail shop will remain open for extended hours throughout the holiday season.

This attraction is open seven days a week and is always free and open to the public of all ages. Ethel M Chocolates is located in Henderson, NV at 2 Cactus Garden Drive. For more information, visit Ethel M visit on Facebook.

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Fright Dome at Circus Circus

fright-dome-circus-circusFor anyone who loves Halloween and haunted houses, Fright Dome at Circus Circus is a must-see attraction. Fright Dome takes place in what is normally the Adventuredome theme park. The park is transformed into a spooky spectacular with five haunted houses, multiple scare zones, live macabre entertainment and a few other scary surprises. Along with the haunted attractions, guests also have access to the theme park rides available year-round at Adventuredome. 

Since the spine-tingling attraction opened in 2003, Fright Dome has continued to lure in more than 60,000 thrill seekers each year. It’s also been voted one of the Top 5 scariest haunted attractions in the nation by Travel Channel. Encompassing five acres of fog-filled, cobweb-covered and blood-spattered attractions, Fright Dome is much more than your average haunted house. Egan and his team of designers, artists and engineers work year-round to create all of the props and special effects in Fright Dome. Everything in the park is unique and created from scratch at Egan’s scare warehouse, also located in Vegas.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Fright Dome is teaming up with the godfather of zombie film George A. Romero to theme one of its five haunted houses. The house, “Ward of the Dead,” takes guests through a zombie apocalypse. Brave souls must try to escape before getting bit by the living dead. Fright Dome also features four new haunted houses including the zombie-inspired “Infected,” “Fright Dome’s Urban Legends,” “Camp Massacre” and “The Anniversary.” 

Along with all the creepy props and spooky scenes, Fright Dome is filled with costume-clad scare actors that really make the undead come to life. Scare actors are part of each haunted house. They also inhabit multiple scare zones located throughout the park, where they lurk in dark corners, waiting to scare their next victim.  The scare actors are just as unique as the haunted props. It’s not every day that you run into a pair of six-foot-eight twins. Clad in freakish attire and wielding chainsaws, these twins take scaring people to new heights.

This bone-chilling experience ends soon. Final days are October 24-31, 2012. For additional details, visit frightdome.com

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Flightlinez at Fremont Street Experience

flightlinezIf you think Vegas can’t get any more daring, think again. Imagine being in the air soaring through the Fremont Street Experience, right underneath a colorful laser light show.

Breeze directly below the Viva Vision canopy on a memorable zip line ride. Before your run, you’ll be strapped into a harness by the staff. For those who aren’t familiar with zip-lines, passengers sit in a climbing harness that’s suspended from cable wires. They’ll give you the signal when to jump from the platform. 

Once you take off, any anxiety you had before the jump is immediately put to rest. The refreshing breeze and the perfect speed of the zipline (30 miles per hour) puts you at ease. While you’re soaring (the four zip line cables run 800 feet in length), the wind twirls you around in your harness, giving you a dazzling 360-degree view. How can something be so exhilarating and relaxing at the same time? 

Just imagine the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” you’ll get from the crowd below. Some people will even snap pictures. For a split second, you feel like a celebrity. 

While rides are offered in the daytime, going during the evening definitely has its perks. You can admire the bright, psychedelic light show from the Viva Vision canopy, which pairs perfectly with the music.

To learn additional details, visit flightlinezfremont.com

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Halloween All Year-Round

goretoriumIf you love gore and are more excited about Halloween than any other holiday, then get ready for the scare of a lifetime.

This is not your average haunted house either.  Now open, Eli Roth’s $10 million Goretorium will be located on the Las Vegas Strip (across from CityCenter and The Cosmopolitan), right above the Walgreens in the Harmon Corner plaza. Since this 15,000-square-foot attraction is open year-round, it’ll be like celebrating Halloween every day. You don’t have to wait for just once a year for a good scare. And while it’s open all year, those coming during the Halloween are in for an extra special, ghoulish treat.

Featuring a multilevel maze within a mythical hotel and casino The Delmont, the self-guided tour starts at the hotel lobby. After you take an elevator to the upper level, you’ll witness gruesome sights one after the other. The premise is based on deceased, tortured hotel guests and the serial-killing hotel owners behind it all. To add to the frightening experience, you’ll encounter live actors, animatronic frights and special effects in a spooky hotel setting.

“The Goretorium will be a destination for both horror fans and tourists from around the world,” said Eli Roth, the creator of the “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever” movie franchises. “We are creating the most intense live terror experience a person can have, incorporating the latest technology with old-fashioned scares.”

There are 24 rooms of pure gore. If you make it through alive, Eli Roth’s Goretorium will also feature a ’60s-inspired lounge, “Baby Dolls.” Offering a view of CityCenter, the bar includes caged “zombie” dancers and “live feedings.” If you want to take the experience home with you, the Goretorium will have a retail shop full of unique horror memorabilia as well as Bloody Mary’s, a to-go bar. Make sure to check out the chandelier filled with vials of blood. Not for the faint of heart, so leave the little ones at home. To get to Goretorium from the Strip, take the escalators up to the bridge at the Harmon Corner plaza, located right in front of Planet Hollwyood. The entrance will be inside, next to the food court.


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Da Vinci – The Genius

Leonardo da Vinci was more than just an Da Vinci - The Geniusartist. He was an inventor, engineer, sculptor, architect, musician, anatomist, and more. He imagined and dreamed of a world, that no one from that era even fathomed. He is someone to marvel.
Now through October 15th, come see the interactive exhibition of one of the greatest minds mankind has ever known, Da Vinci – The Genius. “This amazing exhibition provides fascinating insight into not only the mind of a genius, but also into the fundamental scientific and artistic principles he discovered. Da Vinci – The Genius is an inspiration for the whole family, and includes more than 200 exquisite pieces, 75 large scale machine inventions and 11 themed areas that showcase the breadth of his work. ” -(venetian.com)
After scouring a multitude of pages from da Vinci’s personal notebooks, “artisans deciphered hidden clues, intentional mistakes and mirror-image writing that da Vinci employed to keep his works top-secret.” -(vegas.com) The creators of this exhibition used techniques and materials that da Vinci would have used, from the Renaissance period, to replicate his inventions, for the public enjoyment and knowledge.
If you are a fan of da Vinci, a history buff, or just looking for a new unique exhibition, this is the one to see!
Where: The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
Hours: Jun 15 – Oct 15, 2012  —  10:00am-9:00pm Daily
Cost: Adult – $27;  Child (12 and under) – $20;  Senior/Military – $25

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Restaurant Week

You’re here on vacation, going to enjoy the endless options of restaurants, so why not pick one that will help an amazing cause? “Now in its sixth year, Las Vegas Restaurant Week gives restaurants in the Las Vegas community the opportunity to give back through the culinary arts. We are proud to report that since 2006 over 1.5 million meals have been provided for those in need through Restaurant Week. Today, Three Square feeds nearly 100,000 men, women, children and seniors each month, however the need is estimated at three times our current reach. By joining us for Las Vegas Restaurant Week, you are helping us get closer to our goal of feeding the 300,000 people in need in Southern Nevada. All proceeds from Restaurant Week remain in Las Vegas and help Three Square in its fight to end hunger in Southern Nevada.
Participating restaurants create menus for breakfast, lunch or dinner and select a donation of $4, $5, or $6 for each meal sold. You can search for a restaurant by type of cuisine, location or even meal type and price point. Participating in Restaurant Week is easy. Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, just call to make a reservation!”
When: 8/27/12 – 9/2/12
More information: helpoutdineoutlv.org

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Jockey Club Weekly Activities

In the heart of Las Vegas, there is always something to do, at any hour of the day or night. Here at the Jockey Club, we keep that ideal going, and always have something fun for the guest to do. Here is a list of our weekly activities:
10:00am – Owner’s orientation meeting, with Lori Elie, Resort Manager
11:00am – Timeshare 101 Workshop
12:00pm – FREE shuttle to the grocery store
9:00am – FREE shuttle to the grocery store
11:30am – Shuttle to Premium Outlet Mall South (Belz) – Return pick up at 3:30
4:00pm – Bingo is Back! In the Starting Gate – Come out to win some groovy prizes!
9:00am – FREE shuttle to the grocery store
11:30am – Shuttle to Premium Outlet Mall North – Return pick up at 3:30
8:00pm – Movie Night! Movies change weekly!
Friday & Saturday
Get settled in and see what Las Vegas has to offer! The hospitality staff has plenty of suggestions for every taste and pocketbook!
During football season, we have the games on all day in the Starting Gate. We provide the big screen, you bring your own ‘refreshments’!
*Times and activities are all subject to change. Please check with the resort front desk for the most up-to-date schedules.

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