Impressed with the Progress of Improvements

“We were very impressed with the progress of improvements. All in all, this has been a great week. We are truly happy with the resort and look forward to all the improvements to come, when all the surrounding construction is completed. We were happy to have been able to attend the Monday morning Exchange Made Easier meeting. It was very well presented and it cleared up a lot of questions we had. We also reserved a suite for our friends and they were also very impressed with this place.”

– Owners at The Jockey Club

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One Response to Impressed with the Progress of Improvements

  1. Sandra Palmieri says:

    We were guests at the Jockey Club the week of 10/16/10. Being owners at another timeshare we exchanged for Las Vegas, we did not know what to expect. We had a great time at the Jockey Club, the suite was very clean and roomy. You can walk or buy a bus pass and never have to rent a car. You’re very close to the strip and all the excitement. There is construction going on but it really was not a problem. When completed, it will be awesome. We found the staff very pleasant and helpful. We are looking forward to our next visit but this time we will be owners. We bought into this property because it is a people/family friendly place, with all the amenities you need- a pool, hot tub, sauna, store, and many more. I have recommended this timeshare to other folks who want to visit Las Vegas.