BOY! was I surprised

My first thought upon entering the parking of the Jockey Club was this is a cheesie place, BOY! was I surprised, WOW!!! It was clean first and for most, and yes wide and spacious for my family of three. As I sat in the room with the door closed listening to Sada I was at peace and now have memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I wasn’t able to sleep due to the fact that I looked forward to shopping, walking the Vegas Strip and topping the night off with a spa and relaxation here at the Jockey Club. Yes!!! truly a club for all class that will make u feel special no matter what is going on in ones life. These three nights and four days were the best for me and my family. Thank you Jockey Club for the wonderful time.

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  1. Lawanda Paulsen says:

    AMAZING!!! I bought my time share over the Internet and really was a little worried about the quality. I am now sitting in the airport headed back home but thinking about the amazing time I had!!! My place is so wonderful and I really felt at home!! I took my 76 yr old mom and my 13 yr old daughter. I was really worried about entertaining the 2 and my self but every thing was taken care of over the phone. Car rental to Hoover dam, scooter rental for my mom and Blueman tickets for my daughter. The shuttle that took us grocery shopping was so great since my mom has a limited diet we could cook everything right there. Can’t wait to come back!!!

  2. Philip Clark says:

    Six years since I was last here and now that I think about it, 28 years since I bought a timeshare here. I’m amazed at the changes since I was last here but not surprised at the high level of service and quality at the Jockey Club, which has been consistent over the years. It really is my home from home

  3. destiny pleasant says:

    my husband and I had a wonderful time while staying at Jockey Club. It is definely a home away from home. The staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions. Its in the center of the strip great for walking up and down the strip. Jockey Club is a great place to stay while in vegas!!

  4. Oscar Ferletic says:

    Want to know if there is a parking place in the resorts?

    • Platinum says:

      There is Self-Parking available on level B3 in the parking garage of the Cosmopolitan. The garage ramp is located to the left as you are entering the Jockey Club.

      There is also optional Valet parking at $5 per day, or $35 for the week. (Paid to the Valet at the time of parking) *Fees are subject to change at any time