Vegas, Baby!

Rossi Ralenkotter, from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, said, “he expects 1 million more visitors in 2011 than 2010, when the region had 37.3 million. That continues a trend of increased visitor volume in 15 of the last 16 months.” This is good news for Jockey Club and the Vegas timeshare industry as a whole.

Jockey Club has also experienced an increase in timeshare owners exchanging and non-timeshare owners renting suites compared to previous years. Could this be an upswing in the economy, tourists looking for the most affordable (and well reviewed) vacation destinations, Celine Dion fans returning in the masses since she’s back, or that celebrity sightings are as frequent as Rodeo Drive?

The exact answer is uncertain, but statistics show that travel websites have seen a big jump in the number of people wanting to visit Vegas. Additionally, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is heavily promoting the city through numerous social media outlets. It may also help that the big hotels are recruiting more celebrities to stay and celebrate just about any occasion at their establishments. For the first time in years, hotels are reporting an increase in their room rates; however, rates are still relatively low and affordable for those on a tight budget. View Jockey Club’s rates.

While foot traffic has increased on Las Vegas Blvd. and visitation rates have increased for 12 consecutive months, we are hoping the trend will continue into the fall. Get booking and stay with us- have you seen our renovated suites and new exterior enhancements?

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