Dig This

Remember our sandbox days as kids, digging in the dirt, not a care in the world? What if you could escape back to those days? Well with Dig This, you can! Visit America’s first heavy equipment playground. What makes this so exciting? You have full control!
Start the day by choosing your equipment of choice, a bulldozer or an excavator. Go through a short and simple safety and in-cab orientation. Then before you know it, you will be in the cab only connected to your instructor by radio, and in full control of the machine. You get time for warm up exercises to get comfortable behind the controls, thenĀ activities set up by Dig This, and we can’t forgetĀ free time….yes, just like recess! Play a game of Excavator Basketball, or Bulldozer Teeter-totter! Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without an award for your accomplishments!
Anyone, 14 years of age and older are welcome to come and dig. Young and young at heart, male and female, everyone enjoys this unique experience.
Are you convinced yet? Visit Dig This and schedule your next adventure!
More information: digthisvegas.com

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2 Responses to Dig This

  1. Michael MacDonald says:

    I was very disappointed that I could not check my locked suitcase because it contained a computer. A waiver of responsibility was not accepted….so I had to walk around for 9 hours with my laptop. Last time I stay at Jockey Club. How do you hope to cater to the business traveller? Please notify potential customers of your unwillingness to take responsibility–install a key swipe for the bell hop so you can offer your guests some measure of comfort.

    • Platinum says:

      Mr. MacDonald:

      Thank you for your e-mail. We apologize for the inconvenience we caused you. We appreciate your input as this is the only way for us to know where we must improve. We are currently working on a solution to store our owners and guests electronic devices, computers/laptops, etc. We trust our team members implicitly however, it is a major concern to accept this equipment as we are aware of the very sensitive information that most, if not all users have in these devices. We hope that you enjoyed your stay with the exception of this important incident and are saddened to learn that you would not stay with us once more.

      Jockey Club Management