Da Vinci – The Genius

Leonardo da Vinci was more than just an Da Vinci - The Geniusartist. He was an inventor, engineer, sculptor, architect, musician, anatomist, and more. He imagined and dreamed of a world, that no one from that era even fathomed. He is someone to marvel.
Now through October 15th, come see the interactive exhibition of one of the greatest minds mankind has ever known, Da Vinci – The Genius. “This amazing exhibition provides fascinating insight into not only the mind of a genius, but also into the fundamental scientific and artistic principles he discovered. Da Vinci – The Genius is an inspiration for the whole family, and includes more than 200 exquisite pieces, 75 large scale machine inventions and 11 themed areas that showcase the breadth of his work. ” -(venetian.com)
After scouring a multitude of pages from da Vinci’s personal notebooks, “artisans deciphered hidden clues, intentional mistakes and mirror-image writing that da Vinci employed to keep his works top-secret.” -(vegas.com) The creators of this exhibition used techniques and materials that da Vinci would have used, from the Renaissance period, to replicate his inventions, for the public enjoyment and knowledge.
If you are a fan of da Vinci, a history buff, or just looking for a new unique exhibition, this is the one to see!
Where: The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
Hours: Jun 15 – Oct 15, 2012  —  10:00am-9:00pm Daily
Cost: Adult – $27;  Child (12 and under) – $20;  Senior/Military – $25

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